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Published on 18/06/2018
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One of the most known Italian Eurodance groups ever to set foot on this planet is Corona. Olga Maria De Souza established this band in 1993 and still is active. Impressive! The Rhythm of the Night was a debut single and it also became massive hit when it came. This song established Corona as a huge Eurodance group all over the world. Fantastic!

Eight Xtravaganza Weeks on Nr 1 in Italy

The Rhythm of the Night was a humongous hit in Italy. It was nr 1 for 8 weeks straight in the country. In 1994 the song was released everywhere in the world and really moved Eurodance genre forward. In United Kingdom a remixed song managed to even climb to 2nd on the hit lists there.

In 1995, Corona launched Try Me Out song which is the song connected to this article. It hit the charts high too, but because of The Rhythm of the Night popularity. It became a bit unknown. Eurodance fans loved it though and so it managed to keep up a popularity too.

In 2010, Corona returned and is still active today. It reached first place on Italian dance album charts with their Y Generation album! Angel is really awesome too coming from Corona. Olga’s voice in the musicvideo is pretty impressive too we think.

In 2013, you as a gamer might have heard her latest album songs in one of worlds most known open world games. Coronas latest album named Y Generation was even featured in the Grand Theft Auto 5 aka GTA5 game in the Non-Stop-Pop FM radio station that you can choose when driving any vehicle in the game. Pretty awesome. Support Eurodance singers that moves the Eurodance genre forward. This uplifting music genre must survive. Its your duty to help it by listening and enjoying every beat Corona and other Eurodance bands manages to do today.

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Fantastic Eurodance singer! Support and Check out Corona’s site:


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