Corona with Angel reached #1 on the Dance Charts in Italy in 201003:40

Published on 18/06/2018
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Corona is one of the most known Italian Eurodance groups ever to set foot on this planet. Olga Maria De Souza is her name. She established this band in 1993 and still is active. This lady never gives up and She keeps on doing music in the Eurodance style still Impressive! The Rhythm of the Night was her debut single. It became an Italian massive hit when it came, like Angel which came out back in 2010. The Rhythm of the Night managed to establish Corona as a huge Eurodance group all over the world and she manages to still keep that track. Fantastic Italian Eurodance band that is both legend and extravaganza keepers of the Eurodance genre! We Love you Corona!

Corona was Eight Weeks on Nr 1 in Italy

The Rhythm of the Night was a huge hit in Italy in 1993. It was number one for 8 weeks straight in the country that looks like a woman shoe. She also did a huge impact with Try Me Out which got some unique electronic beats in it. Watch it here on Muuuzic. In 2010, Angel song was released everywhere in the world and really moved the Eurodance genre forward too.

Corona returned in 2010 as mentioned. They had some breaks between 2004-2005 and 2007-2010. But today, Corona is still active.

What a comeback with Corona and her Y Generation album that reached 1st in 2010 in Italy

The album that Angel reached first place on Italian dance album charts! Angel was really awesome. Also, Saturday got pretty high, but it got a much slower beat to it. Olga’s voice in her Angel music video is pretty impressive though. It takes me a bit back in time while being in 2018!.. Great feeling. In 2013 their latest album was even featured in the Grand Theft Auto 5 aka GTA5 game in the Non-Stop-Pop FM radio station that you can choose when driving any vehicle in the game. Pretty awesome.

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Fantastic Eurodance singer! Support and Check out Corona’s site:

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Corona with Angel reached #1 on the Dance Charts in Italy in 2010
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