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Published on 22/12/2017
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Cool James and Black Teacher was a very interesting Swedish Eurodance group consisting of Cool James (James Dandu) and Black Teacher (J. Masena). The group was formed in Solna, Sweden and was signed to Stockholm Records.

Their first singles never became big hits. It wasn’t until they released their album Zooming You with the single “Dr. Feelgood” in 1994 that they broke through. It ended as number 21 on the most sold singles list that year and has retained popularity ever since. It is one of the most underrated songs from 1994. The beats in this song is so unique!

Main singer died in a car crash in 2002

James Dandu (Cool James), died in a car crash in his native country of Tanzania on August 27, 2002. But you music will always be remembered. Cool James and Black Teacher made many cool tracks for sure and Muuuzic wants to keep this group alive for you.

EuroDance which this group made is one of Techno’s genre…this song have a special synth and snares more than kicks…Techno usually is based on 4 kick and then 4 bass in between with harder kicks and less synthesizer…however…EuroDance is combination of other Techno genres classic deep house and retro Rave…too bad no one feels on making this genre more popular anymore. Maybe we need more uplifting times first?



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