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Published on 12/12/2018
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The man behind Clubzone is Mike Koglin. He produced some of the memorizable eurodance songs ever. He is the one who has been working closely with Logic Records since his first release dating back to 1988.

House music meets Eurodance

Being a fanatic house music keyboardist and programmer, Mike moved from Germany to London in 1990 to pursue his professional career as producer and remixer. Since then his programming and remixing credits include names like The Shamen, Lena Fiagbe, The Sugarcubes, Bass Bumpers and Alison Limerick.

Clubzone is a team effort with rapper Richy Lyte (whose work with the KLF needs no introduction). Nat Brown lends her vocal talents to Clubzone’s Hands Up, after having completed an extensive world tour with Felix last year.

Hands Up is – as the title suggests – a truly uplifting Euro House track with additional club mixes and a special Alex Party remix. After successfully being launched on Ibiza this summer, it went Top 40 in the UK, and charted #1 at Hitmakers and #3 at Billboard in the U.S.

On year later, the pop/dance duo Clubzone hit again the chart ceiling with their new club thriller single Passion Of The Night on Logic Records. Nat was replaced by the gifted vocalist Beverli Skeete, whose credits include background vocals for David Bowie, Carleen Anderson, and Chaka Khan, as well as a current project with Tears For Fears. Ricky Lyte co-wrote Passion Of The Night with Mike Koglin, Clubzone’s producer.

Passion Of The Night was a heat-driven, decadent, organ-rooted anthem that fills you up with contagious energy and hearty vibes! Included on the 12 vinyl and CD-5 are three mixes whose sounds vary from European Hi-NRG in the Original and New mixes, to fundamental house in the Beverli Does the UK Club Mix. Also included on the single, for nostalgic pleasures, is a bonus 1995 remix of Hands Up.

Ready for the streets and clubs on November 6, 1995, Passion Of The Night was destined to be a hot commodity this season ! In addition, a hi-energy video shot in the UK has been created to complement the vigour of Skeete’s powerful voice and the overall intensity of Passion Of The Night.

Hands Up is a really nice 1994 vibed song. The beats, synth and vocals comes from a time when House and Eurodance melted together more and more.

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