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Published on 11/08/2017
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If you miss the 90s and wants to get real nostalgia vibes. Then CB Milton with It’s A Loving Thing is a great eurodance track. This song came with Mega Dance 2 from Arcade and I’ve never forgotten it. It’s such a fantastic and positive song giving the correct summer and nostalgia feeling.

Eddie Murphy Dancing for us!

For some, CB Milton can remind a bit of Eddie Murphy which is a very known actor from the 1990s movies. This is very good 90s song and it’s not that brutal neither.

The lyrics of It’s A Loving Thing

You’re silent, close these eyes
Just think of what you say
It’s OK when he sees her face
When words just slip away
In other days, in other times
He’d love and walk on by
But that was then, and this is now
So happy he could cry

It’s a lovin thing
It will teach you life
Teaching every way
It’s a lovin thing
You can bet your life
It happens everyday
Hey everyday

Oh oh oh

Two girls in a lonely town
Wonder what’s in store
Wishing dreams of running around
But one don’t run no more
In other days, with other boys
She’d love and walk on by
But where is one she’ll never left
She knows that she will try

Call me, I’ll be waiting
Can you hear me, I’m facing changes
Call me, if you’re ready
I’m waiting, I’m facing changes now

Uuuh yeah, it happens every day
Oh oh oh

Quite nice lyrics for a Eurodance song for sure. Happy listening!
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