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Published on 24/11/2017
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He was great when he did his amazing work at Twenty 4 Seven eurodance group. But when the singer behind Captain Hollywood Project which is Tony Dawson-Harrison choose to do his own type of eurodance music. He became more popular than Twenty 4 Seven!

Formed in Nuremberg, Germany in 1992

Tony Dawson-Harrison formed Captain Hollywood Project in 1992. However, before that time. He was active at Twenty 4 Seven.

In 1989, Harrison co-founded and produced the successful Twenty 4 Seven from Netherlands, with the Dutch producer Ruud van Rijen. As co-producer, choreographer, rapper and frontman of the act, Harrison led singer Nance Coolen and backup dancers Giovanni Falco (aka Hanks), and Wolfgang Reis (aka Jacks) on a successful year-long run in the UK and the Netherlands.

The group’s innovative new mixture of traditional male rap combined with female singing turned Twenty 4 Seven into a European pop music phenomenon in 1989. Thanks to Harrison’s powerful dance choreography for the group’s live act, Twenty 4 Seven became even more recognized for it’s memorable dance routines featured in their music videos and in their live act. The group successfully charted with the hit singles (‘I Can’t Stand It”, “Are You Dreaming?”) and the album (“Street Moves”) while also completing a successful three month European tour with MTV London that same year. After taking Twenty 4 Seven to the Top 5 chart positions all over Europe, Harrison decided to leave the act in 1992 in order to return to his solo career and to dedicate himself completely to his own music project. Despite Harrison’s departure, the popularity of Twenty 4 Seven continued worldwide.

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Success after leaving Twenty 4 Seven in 1992

In 1992, Captain Hollywood Project became mainstream and a humongous hit eurodance group. Only with You became an instant hit and so did Flying High. But this song came out later in 1995. However, it kept Captain Hollywood Project alive as it became very popular. MTV broadcasted this song a lot in 1995!

Captain Hollywood Project was for sure one of the best eurodance groups in history. Their music was incredible well done. It wasn’t only eurodance fans that loved them, but also pop interested people started to like the genre too. The music video also gave it a push. Very nicely done at that time! Futuristic, little dark and lots of energy. Perfect song for people loving such tunes at that time. Still today, Flying High is timeless. A hit that shouldn’t be forgotten!


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