Capital Sound with In The Night is a Erotic Pleasure from the 90s eurodance Times03:33

Published on 27/03/2017
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Between 1988 and 1998, the Eurodance genre era was huge in Europe. Here we give a glimpse of it with sharing Capital Sound with In The Night song. Its powerful, got the perfect rap and the amazing female voice keeps you up with the track. This is a hot and a perfect type of eurodance track. This is what we call dance music.

Capital Sound with Two Sensual Women In The Night

In the 90s it was the eurodance era for sure. In this time a humongous amount of eurodance tracks were made and Capital Sound was one of the better ones. They had the correct rythm, voice and synth beats. The music video is also very sensual with two women in the bed together singing to you. Any teenager watching this would for sure get red chins. The rap is also well written. The text that he is singing is also described in their music video which is a nice touch.

We hope that you will get a nice nostalgic trip back in time anyway. If you love eurodance, then this track should be on your top dance music list. Capital Sound is missing today for sure!




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