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Published on 06/09/2018
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Cappella is not a band formed just a few years ago! No, this group had many changes in their life as a bad. Capella started its life in 1975! At that time the name of this Eurodance band that got humongous popular in 90’s had a name that was a bit different. Everybody gave Eurodance Party a totally New meaning also! Incredible song. A masterpiece! Should be much more loved than it is today! Such a legend.

Before the Eurodance Party era, their name was The Capella-Project

The Cappella-Project didn’t start up as a Eurodance Party band. No! They started up as a group of song-writers that created songs for other artists way before Eurodance was invented even. Like the well-known Let’s All Chant (Move Your Body) performed by the group Go. Then we can mention about the max hit song Mallorca. It was shaking British dance floors for quite some time too. This song was performed by Lewis Lovebump according to eurokdj info about Capella.

And if you listen to the song Bauhaus (a.k.a. Push The Beat) you can hear the trumpet: that comes from another Cappella-Project tune, Papa’s Got A Brand New Big Pag. And of course there were more hits like Transformation with the brilliant DJ Pierre Trance Mix, Six Days, Moonday and Dirty Games (1st U Got 2 Know). The name Cappella referred to Italian Renaissance Frescos and Chapels, and was chosen to evoke the idea of rebirth.

Drama happened with The Cappella-Project

During the era of Capella as Eurodance Party band. They had huge issues with artists dropping out and coming. Singers also didn’t like singing in video clips etc. Here we have quoted a bit from eurokdj because there is so much interesting info describing the crises that Cappella had:

Suddenly The Cappella-Project stopped, and the only person left was Gianfranco Bortolotti. He was leading the Media team, when in 1987, with the vocalist Ettore Foresti’s collaboration, he created the track Bauhaus/Push The Beat, which had great success in clubs all over the world, entering many of the European charts, including the UK Top 50 ! Bauhaus is a song reminiscent of the late 70’s disco. About a year later the track Helyom Halib (sampling Yello’s Goldrush and LNR’s Work It to the Bone) was released, which turned out to be a major stormer, reaching very high positions in various international charts, including the UK Top 10. This chronicle of huge success was to continue with such massive tunes as House Of Al Kali, Be Master In One’s Own House, House Energy Revenge, Get Out of My Case (where, according to some, we can hear for the first time Kelly’s voice) and The Rotation Of The House. After that, Forresti was fired. The next tracks Everybody (sampling sounds from a single of Quadrophonia) and Take Me Away had huge success due to the use of a sample of Loleatta Holloway’s Love Sensation by the Media team. Loleatta’s voice was also sampled on a number of Black Box’s tunes such as the massive Ride On Time and I Don’t Know Anybody Else.

An unknown singer took her place, and in 1993, after a long break, the first commercial hit appeared, U Got 2 Know. Borrowing a sample to Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me, it became a huge hit in Europe, UK, and even the States (it went Top 10 in the UK and Germany, enetered the Top 30 all over Europe, went # 3 in Israel, # 1 in Italy). During live appearances, the vocalist Anna Ross was on stage to front the project. It was used by the basket ball team the Houston Rockets for their starting lineups. They were sued for using the distinctive riff from Siouxie & The Banshees Happy House without paying publishing, and they lost.

In the meantime, the search for ‘the voice of Cappella’ continued. Another singer, Salee, joined the Cappella team, and the same year (1993) we saw another hugely successful single U Got 2 Let The Music. But in the clip of U Got 2 Let The Music, one could already see the future singer Kelly Overett who appears in the video. U Got 2 Let The Music reached the top 10 almost everywhere (reaching # 3 in Israel, # 2 in UK being their biggest hit to date there, # 1 in Italy and Spain, # 1 in the Billboard dance chart, # 3 in the MTV Europe chart). But according to the rumors, Salee didn’t like doing video clips, so she had to leave Cappella. Then Kelly became the new vocalist, and Rodney Bishop the rapper. U Got 2 Let The Music contained samples taken from JM Silk Let The Music Take Control, originally released in 1987. The melody reminded of Alphaville’s Sounds Like A Melody.

The Ace of Cappella tracks was undoubtedly Move On Baby. Released in 1994, its powerful, racy and melodic theme took it to number one in the UK, the Euro Sales Chart and a number of other countries! Following that, Media released the dance floor’s most eagerly awaited album of the year, U Got 2 Know. From the album, U & Me and Move It Up were released in 1994, and both repeated the massive success that Cappella were becoming accustomed to. According to rumors, vocals belonged to Eileina Williams.

The radio mixes of the Cappella singles differed from country to country (the videomixes are all the same !). They were adjusted to the style which was ‘hot’at the moment of release in a country. Move On Baby’s version that was released in Germany, the UK and most countries was more Techno-like. But the Dutch/Belgian and French radio mix (actually the Mars Plastic Edit) has a more ‘commercial’ (but nicer) Eurodance sound.

Raps on Move On Baby and U & Me weren’t actually done by Rodney, but by Dutch rapper DJ MC Fixx it (he later confirmed it officially), who previously had a big success with a remix Twenty 4 Seven ‘s I Can’t Stand and who was also the rapper of Anticappella’s Move Your Body. American singer Vicky Shepard complained about the fact that the voice singing U & Me’s chorus was his own voice which had been sampled from one of her own singles Love Has Changed My Mind which was released in 1992. She tried to take a legal action but in vain, because U & Me was released worldwide, US excepted, so the American laws could not do anything for her. She has never received any vocal credit or financial restitution of any kind. It is also said that the 49ers vocalist Ann-Marie Smith can be heard on many of the Cappella singles. Cappella singles also borrowed many vocals to Angie Brown.

Lots of drama with Cappella. But to have so little information about Everybody song is interesting.  Even though Move On Baby that was released in 1994 as one of their biggest hits ever. Everybody got so much power into it. This song came out in 1991 and it is a pure legend. I remember when I first listened to it. I jumped out of my chair! What a song! Eurodance House after this was never the same again. Cappella set standard for this genre that mixed House and Eurodance sort of.

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Everybody will always be in my heart and I hope you love it too.


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