C-BLOCK – KEEP MOVIN’ is masters in Slow Eurodance05:12

Published on 16/07/2019
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If there is a Eurodance that is masters in slow Eurodance genre then it is C-Block. They were huge in the late 90’s and early 00’s. This song is no exception.

Fantastic C-Block song with real Retro Vibes

This is what we call a fantastic slow Eurodance song. Together with Spike, they are just fantastic. This is a club style song by C-Block. The rap part is just how it should be done. That’s what we call quality dance made song.

C-Block was a German platinum-selling Hip-Hop group. They were founded in 1995 by German music producers Frank Müller and Jörg Wagner. The group is fronted by American rapper/singer Anthony “Red Dogg” Joseph and James “Mr.P” White.

C-Block was a well-known hip hop act in Europe in the 1990s, who along with Down Low and Nana, signified the rise of the American-influenced rap music in the Eurodance genre all over the world. Many Eurodance bands uses rap elements in their songs but these took it one step further.

Enjoy listening to C-Block!

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