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Published on 26/10/2019
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One of the best known Eurodance groups singing in German is Blümchen. It is a fantastic woman which is still active today even. Ich bin wieder hier is one of her best tunes we think. It is well balanced and the music video is nicely done too.

Blümchen gave us the überhit Boomerang before Ich bin wieder hier

This group is made up by Jasmin Wagner which is a beautiful woman. She was born on the 20th of April 1980 in Hamburg, which is a city in the northern parts of Germany.

Jasmin’s father s Fritz Jochim is German and her mother Marija Wagner is Croatian. She has a brother called Christian eurokdj can reveal on their website.

Back in 1995, after meeting the producers Stani Djukanovic and Arn Schlürmann during an NDW-party. Jasmin started her musical career under the name Blümchen. Her age was only 15, yet she took the big step and became the German Eurodance queen.

The Very First Blümchen single sold over 340 000 Copies

Jasmin’s very first single was Herz an Herz sold over 340 000 copies. This one was released on the 26th of October 1995. As with Scooter, she started really hardcore. Even Boomerang is also a very hardcore type of Eurodance. But Ich bin wieder hier which came out in 1998 had a much more Eurodance feel to it even though she still kept that hardcore beat in the background.

Blümchen is considered as one of the most successful German female singers of the 1990s. Also, the fact that she chose to use the German language instead of English is something that she should be proud of. The German language can be beautifully singed if it is used correctly.

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Here are some interesting facts that are nice to know about Blümchen

  • 2001: Blümchen announced she retired after the 2001 tour, to focus her career on some other projects. Jasmin as a actor can be found on here. She starred in the movie Driven and she even became a moderator of the Disney Filmparade that year
  • 2002: Jasmin appeared as a moderator for TV show “teen star” (Popstars 3) in Germany
  • 2003: Blümchen did a comeback with the single Leb Deinen Traum under her real name, Jasmin Wagner, but single was not very successful
  • 2004: On the 13th of April this year Jasmin released her single Helden Wie Wir
  • 2006: Jasmin released a new single entitled single Männer Brauchen Liebe on March 31st, followed by the album Die Versuchung on the 15th of April
  • 2010: Boomerang was co-opted as part of an Internet campaign in early 2010 against real-TV show Deutschland sucht den Superstar. In an attempt to prevent the winner Mehrzad Marashi’s debut single, Don’t Believe, from reaching #1 in the charts, Boomerang was massively purchased online, driving it to #7 in the charts, higher than its 1996 peak, but still not high enough to unseat Don’t Believe

We really thank eurokdj for bringing out so much info about this superb Eurodance queen. Then it is even more awesome that she keeps on releasing new music. Her latest is Computerliebe which is a nice word for computer love. This new song is awesome but it doesn’t really follow Eurodance beats or music rhythm at all.

We love Blümchen at Muuuzic!


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