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Published on 24/10/2017
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The 1990s had so much amazing house tracks. Blue Perl was for sure one of them. This song is so hot and her voice is even hotter than the musicvideo. Now that’s an achievement! Blue Pearl made this music in a time when there was uplifting times. It is really nice to dive in this type of music today and get to know how the life was back then when there was no mobile phones or tablets. Amiga, AtariST, PC and Macs competed and people looked brighter about the future, even though the Gulf War was just around.

Naked In The Rain is a Sexy House adventure from 1990

If you want to be naked in the rain, do it! Its a nice experience if the rain is warm. But here in Norway its very rare that it happens. Rain here is often very cold. Yes, even in sumertime. But I’ve experienced warm rain in many countries still. It is nice and in 1990 this was for sure an uplifting thought. People started to move towards those thoughts, but now we are in 2017 and the discussions about being naked is still an issue in many countries including the most liberal countries in Scandinavia.

Blue Perl was an English eurodance house duo consisting of an American very sexy singer Durga McBroom and very handsome Martin Glover. They charted the lists with two songs on he US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart with Naked In The Rain reaching 4th on the chart list.

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This eurodance band lasted only 3 years. What happened to them is a unknown bit of history, but Blue Perl gave us lots of quality dance and house music that won’t be forgotten. House music from 1990 was uplifting and we miss this types of songs for sure now in 2017. Thanks for Naked In The Rain. This is a golden hit that should never be forgotten.

Gabriel Suki on Facebook recommended me to post this on Muuuzic. Thanks! What a fantastic song this was and still is. Pump up that volume on this one!

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