BLUE MAY ROSE feat. AMIworx and Thoschwe with Survive is Modern Eurodance03:40

Published on 14/06/2018
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Something is going on. Eurodance is revived? BLUE MAY ROSE might just have done that with their newest song called “Survive”. You can say that this is the name of the debut single of the electro-pop band BLUE MAY ROSE, founded in early 2018. The release date is set to 15th of June 2018. Support BLUE MAY ROSE. They are just brilliant.

BLUE MAY ROSE is reviving the Eurodance genre in 2018 with the release of Survive

With the warranty to be an earworm, the songwriter and producer duo Patrick Nevian and Alice Schmidt are exploring new styles which fits into the Muuuzic Eurodance focus. Muuuzic is part of the Distrita Family sites and so the sites gives lots of Amiga information both on Distrita and on Amitopia site which totally Amiga. Patrick Nevian is known from AMIworx that actually create games for the Amiga home computer systems still. He is also a brilliant musician. Alice Schmidt is also one of the hottest singers too.

We love everyone that supports the Amiga home computer and especially when they revive the Eurodance genre with Survive song. Fantastic lyrics, voice and electronical beats. Maybe Eurodance can evolve and BLUE MAY ROSE can be the starters of this evolution in this music genre?

Intensive beats in Survive by BLUE MAY ROSE

In 2018, too many musicians seems to have forgotten the Eurodance era. BLUE MAY ROSE changes this. This song shows that beats and content can for sure move Eurodance on without making this genre dull and boring. Because, this is funky, new, energic and a song helping everyone Survive.

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Including being a nice song. The video is also very modern and makes you love BLUE MAY ROSE, which is its aim to do. Before this bands name was Blue Metal Rose but they choose to change because of genre change maybe? Muuuzic hopes together with Amitopia to get a nice interview with Patrick at some day.

Hope that you Enjoy this tune. Eurodance aka 2018 rocks!

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