Black Box with Ride on Time is a all-time House Xtravaganza04:23

Published on 24/10/2017
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In the late 1980s, Black Box was formed. They produced some of the most interesting house songs in the history. Black Box is still active today, however back in the days when they started up. Then they were a group that included tree people. Daniele Davoli, Valerio Semplici and Mirko Limoni. They all created the image of the Black Box group. However, Katrin Quinol from France did lot’s of work for them. She is on their album and singles covers and is also one of the lead singer in all of the Black Box’s music videos.

Black Box started up in 1989 – Still active today!

Ride On Time house hit from 1989 is their biggest hit ever and the very first song that they produced also. In United Kingdom and Ireland it was the most selling single. Also doing well on New Zealand, Australia, Sweden and France where it reached 2nd or 3rd most sold single in 1989! This song is remembered because of the time its released. At this time many house groups created this new and interesting music genre.

Sexy woman, nice song and awesome synth and electronic beats made this song instant hit. Its still loved by many today. On YouTube this musicvideo got over 4.7 million views, which means that this song is one of the most known house songs in the history.

Anyone remember how weeks this was at number one in UK record singles charts? 8-9 weeks? Nitrovids comments on this video. This song must have been humongous popular everywhere. Even though the French model doing lots of work. This song is known! Oh the 90 s what a great decade and great times. Shame we can’t roll back the years when music was great. The best ✌ The music was for sure way more uplifting in 1989-1990! and now, thanks to Muuuzic you can turn the time back! No Limits!
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