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Published on 10/11/2017
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There are simply some Eurodance tracks that you here and wonder what happened with them? Why did it not sell better? Fresh from Best System which is a German Eurodance group is such a song. This song is so Fresh, funky and got amazing beats.

Incredible Duo made Incredible Eurodance Tracks

Beat System was a duo of the rapper Neal Antone Dyer (Tony T), born in London in 1971, and various female vocalists (Martina Sres, Patty, Jay Babe, G. Fascina). They released five singles, under Intercord label. Their first single, “Dance Romance” was released in 1994, in two versions (called chapters). The vocals were done by Patty. It was arranged and written by C. Kowatsch and Wormit, and mixed by Richard Taylor.

Stay With Me“, was written and produced by Axel Breitung and C. Kowatsch, produced by Black Nero, and released in 1995. The following singles were produced by C. Kowatsch, Wormit, and Ulrich Dienes. In March 1996, a cover of Kool & the Gang’s “Fresh” was released, with raps by Tony T and the vocals of G. Fascina, including a B-side entitled “Call My Name”. The single reached number 32 in the German singles chart. A summer-remixes CD was released in June. Then Reggae Night was released, with the latter 93 in the German singles chart.

Fresh is an Incredible Nice made a cover of Kool & the Gang’s song

People that only love original versions of songs might not like this one. But this is for sure a very nice Eurodance cover! In fact, it is a very good cover. It managed to reach 15th place in 1996 in Belgium.

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So, now its time to just pump up the volume and play this song loud. It is for the weekend! But its fully compatible every day too. A nice song for sure from Best System. Much rare Eurodance tracks out there for sure and this one is one of them.

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Amazing Eurodance track by Best System
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