Basic Element with Leave It Behind from 1994 is Eurodance as it Should be03:45

Published on 26/08/2018
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There are many Eurodance groups out there. Many deliver in different quality. Some better, other worse. But Basic Element is one of those that never fails. Even today, Basic Element is still very active. They produce something all the time and each time they have thousands of viewers!

Basic Element knows Eurodance genre a lot

Leave It Behind is extravaganza great. It got the right beats, right synth, perfect rap, and awesome ladies singing perfectly. This is Eurodance! This is what Eurodance is. It’s made in such a way that it makes you feel better and that’s the purpose of this genre.

In 1992, Basic Element which is a Eurodance group was formed. They are from Malmö, which is located in the southern part of Sweden. The current line-up consists of Peter Thelenius, Jonas Wesslander, and Andrea Myrander.

The Promise Man is their most known song, but this one shouldn’t be to rare if you ask any Eurodance fan out there. Leave It Behind is as good too, but with a much stronger female presence in the lyrics, which I have to admit helps the song a lot. Especially the long tones! They are wonderful!

Basic Element with Leave It Behind from 1994 is Eurodance as it Should be

Drama within Basic Element was dramatic but it never ceased to exist

In 1995, Zetma left Basic Element because of her pregnancy. Saunet Sparell replaced her. The new album “The Ultimate Ride” (including the singles “The Ride” and “The Fiddle”) was then released. Also, Peter and Caesar started to have disagreements about the band’s future, this causing Cesar to leaving the band.

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But its good to see that the band kept on with the same name. Branko J. Nuss seems to have kept his feet within Basic Element all the time, which means that one man has managed to keep Basic Element alive. From 1993 until now, he keeps it alive and we hope to see more from them soon.

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