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Published on 18/06/2018
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In 1990, this Eurodance group started up. B.G. The Prince of Rap was a humongous dance rap attack that stormed the hit lists in Europe. They are still Alive, but it was this song named The Power Of Rhythm that really grabbed peoples attention in late spring 1991.

German Eurodance magic is B.G. The Price of Rap

This Eurodance group seems to not wanting let their music talents go at all. They are still making music today. They are German, with Bernard Greene which reveals the B.G. letters in the beginning of their title. They can be described as a German dance-scene experiment that went humongous popular. To mix dance and rap like they do was unique and is still loved today. It’s really unique to have them still alive today.

It seems that many U.S. Army people that was patrolling in Berlin from 1985 until the wall fell down got contact with the German Eurodance scene. B.G. The Prince of Rap is no exception to this trend. Bernard did it too. He is born in Washington DC on September 28th 1965, but came to Germany in 1985 with the U.S. Army.

He simply found out that singing is his passion and so his Eurodance rap career started. His first musical experience was in a Rhythm and Blues style, which still remains his favorite music style. In the Frankfurter dance scene he moved on.. and got many first places in many rap contests there. He was then soon contacted by the producers who would launch his international career.  El Mar who already co-operated with Dr. Alban, Enigma, Frankie Goes To Hollywood etc. So, the quality was bound to become unique.

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Classic Eurodance with Rap elements is what we call Music

The mixing between dance and rap is something that made Eurodance genre really popular. It changed peoples minds regarding the genre. The rap part gave the genre a uplifting feeling which no other music genre got. This addition to Eurodance was fantastic and its something that made B.G. The Prince of Rap be able to keep on running his amazing Eurodance group still running today.  Rap seems to never go and Eurodance got its waves of popularity coming and go too.

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