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Published on 09/11/2019
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In the beautiful world of Eurodance. There is never enough room for the beauty that makes all sorts of people feel uplifting. This is My World is such a tune.

B-Charme gives lots of Italian charm in This is My World

Back in 1999. An Italian Eurodance project released This is My World as B-Charme. This was an Italian project featuring female vocalist Gianna Cerchier. On Eurokdj we found info about things that happened in 1997. Then Gianna met Kay M and thanks to the intense and highly professional collaboration they built up something really special.

Gianna Cerchier’s very first single was Wake Me Up came to life. This was a title that was released under Tabloid Records. This was a very successful track that climbed the charts of the most important countries in Europe and abroad.

The backing vocals were done by Elsa Cornish & Jennifer Karr. In 1999 the second single This Is My World was released, and had also a lot of success, especially in Italy. A remixes single was released afterward, followed by an album bearing the same name.

Sing together with Muuuzic!

Honey today I do believe
That I have to open your eyes
And now I’m looking for a light
For a light to let me shine

I need to fly across a mountain
And then I need to touch the clouds
I want to get the ring in my hands
I feel the sun on me

This is my world
This is my time
And I belong to all I see
A dreamland to be

Say that you want to stay tonight
Let me take you deeper inside
And now I’m gonna find a way
Got to lift me to the sky

I need to fly across the mountain
And then I need to touch the clouds
I want to get the rain in my hands
I feel the sun on me

What a tune this is and it shows that many Eurodance groups continued to deliver. It is a really nice tune and thanks to us you remember the days or just relax listening to this awesome tune.

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Source: Eurokdj.com – Muuuzic Own Knowledge

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