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Published on 30/10/2019
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B-Cap is one of those Eurodance groups that did it really well but vanished as fast as they came. Send Me An Angel is really awesome and deserves some attention because this tune is really AWESOME! And that’s not an overreaction at all.

Send Me An Angel became a huge hit by B-Cap

In 1994 many Eurodance groups came up with amazing tunes. For B-Cap everything started and ended in the summer of 1994.

This group managed to get a very talented female vocalist called Aquilla and a DJ ragga-rapper called Prento. Both of these two artists had difficulties in releasing singles as solo artists before so they teamed up and made this awesome hit!

The producers were Cris Craft (Christian Leibl) and Michel Jean.

The remix of Send Me An Angel came out in 1995 and then nothing

Before B-Cap decided to not do anything more other than Send Me An Angel. They also managed to release this song on January 19th, 1995 when they managed to put the song on a single that was titled Send Me An Angel. Then it was released under Koch International.

When the single got released in 1995, this title became an instant dance hit all over Europe. It even climbed up and made onto 20th place on DMC January 1995.

Then the single got released in the USA on April 1995 where it became an instant hit of that month. At Eurokdj they reveal that the single managed to climb as high as 23rd place on America’s most known hitlist called Billboards Dance Charts. Then in May 1995, the single was released in Canada. It was released in time for the summertime in 1995, where the single gained much airplay and bold request.

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Send Me An Angel managed to sell more than 5.2 million copies in Europe alone and received many gold discs and awards. This was the first and last hit the group would ever release.

This tune is just awesome! Send Me An Angel should have been a reason for B-Cap to continue as this tune is a golden Eurodance track that no one shouldn’t forget. The rapping, the synths, and rap makes this tune so wild and powerful. What a rare Eurodance hit this is. I am sure that many have forgotten about it. But Muuuzic reveals to everyone loving Eurodance!

Source: Eurokdj

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