Together with Mephisto and Robert Miles which isn’t among us anymore. ATB was the big Eurodance Trance group that brought even more singing into Trance type of beats. But because of keeping the variation in tones I call it for a typical Eurodance Trance type of tune.

ATB is one of the best DJs in the world, which makes some very unique and well-made tunes with a focus on piano tones. My Everything is such an uplifting tune. It got slow moments, then it speeds up and it keeps that speed all the time. I like him from my small age… So he should always Keep on doing songs like this.

The world deserves artists such as ATB.

Facts That You Should Know

Tiff Lacey’s voice in My Everything by ATB

This song is taken from the album “Future Memories”, where My Everything is a great tune made by André Tannenberger with the Tiff Lacey’s voice. That voice turns this to a modern Eurodance Trance tune.

She is a fabulous English trance and EDM vocal singer, songwriter, author and painter. She is the vocalist on several electronic music singles. Best known for her international singles with German producer André Tanneberger a.k.a. ATB. Her voice is so beautiful that my heart melts each time I listen to her music. It’s just fantastic.

My Everything is a great song for the week and the weekend. Recommended! Pump up the Volume I say and let this tune take you away.

Kay Lean Reveals Tiff Lacey

Anna’s Raindrops song is a way too underrated tune. But here she is revealed. What a beauty she is. Kontor seems to have a great reputation and that’s why so many artists use them. With more tunes that I dig out with her on it I will provide much more information about this awesome singer that puts her voice into millions of listeners worldwide.

Where do you think that Eurodance Trance started? Who began to mix trance alike beats with Eurodance alike voices?

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