The Danish-Norwegian Eurodance band with Lene Nystrøm and Claus Norreen made one of the most played Eurodance songs ever in history. Everyone knows about Barbie Girl. It was a remarkable hit by Aqua. It nearly killed the Eurodance genre, but it didn’t. It was saved by the trend that faded away slowly.

Barbie Girl song is in my view a very good song but it is also a Eurodance trendsetter that would make various new bands follow the voice type that Lene Nystrøm was using in it. They really managed to give the toy a voice. A voice that’s not easy to forget. But Aqua is so much more than just Barbie Girl.

Aqua changed its style too because of the popularity that Barbie Girl had. So, here I go through songs that Aqua made that didn’t kill the Eurodance genre. Let’s go!

#1 Roses Are Red is a true Eurodance Aqua song

Before Aqua was Aqua, the band was named Joyspeed. Itchy Spider was the first song that went under both Joyspeed and Aqua for some unknown reason. However, it was Roses Are Red that made them famous. It was true to the Eurodance genre at the time it was released in September 1996.

Here Lene Nystrøm starts to explore with the bubblegum voice, but she hasn’t done anything to harm yet. Claus Norreen sings well together with her. It is actually a quite nice song. This is also seen as some of the greatest hits from Aqua too. Even though it came out before the Barbie Girl song.

There are various awesome remixes of this song that is great. The song stayed in the charts for over two months. It created a small bubble that Aqua understood that they could take further.

#2 My Oh My changed Aqua

“My Oh My” by Aqua was the first song by the group that broke all of the Danish sales records by being certified gold within six days. It also transformed Aqua more and more towards Barbie Girl. Now the musicvideo as shown above is more story alike. Lene begins to focus on the Barbie tone here.

My lollipop introduction transformed the Aqua band.

All of the songs after Barbie Girl such as Doctor Jones and Cartoon Heroes followed its popularity. But Aqua changed and that was one of the saviors for other Eurodance groups that was been left in the dust.

#3 Around The World is a more Mature side of Aqua

It had to take 3 years for Aqua to release Around The World. Their Cartoon Heroes song was still a bit in the Barbie bubblegum era, but this song seemed as if Aqua actually wanted to turn the time back to before their bubblegum era.

This is a nice and fresh Eurodance type of song from 2000. But Claus Norreen is now finally singing more seriously again. It is a very good song by Aqua indeed.

Around The World didnt sell 33 million, but it is a hit to not forget.

#4 Back To The 80s is what Aqua is

Not much of a Eurodance song at all. But I decided to add it here as it’s not a bad song by Aqua. It’s a way more pop tune than any dance tune. All the lollipop candyman feeling is now out when this song was released back in 2009. Also, the fact that they mention Commodore 64 is in my book standing very high.

This is a pure pop song, but I wanted to show where Aqua went and that there are hints to their era throughout the entire song. The video is well made. They’ve also used lots of material. Back To The 80s featuring the band and memories turn back time a lot for me when listening to it.

Aquas success is related to timing. They nailed it but they also turned the world upside down. Barbie Girl is without doubt one of the most loved Danish songs ever. The Albums and Singles made the Danish band rich. Their pop Eurodance style with bubblegum elements formed them and that’s what they are associated with. 1997 was a huge year, but there was always so much more from them and it is these songs that I wanted to highlight in this moments article.

The material that this group gave others such as Vengaboys and Daze with Tamagotchi that you can see above. Even though it got bubblegum vibe, it is a more happy vibe type tune though. Daze made hits with the type of Barbie voice too. I am going to make a bubblegum eurodance article that came out. Look forward to it!

Power on!… Dance on!…

Where is Aqua today?

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