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Published on 18/11/2018
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When you blend Greek beauty with Eurodance you get Antique. This was a fantastic Eurodance band that ruled out with impressive hits by hits at the end of the 90’s.

Blending Greek and Swedish works

The Greek and Swedish band Antique did a lot to make people love Greece and it’s language mix at the end of the ’90s. This Greek/Swedish group brought the Greek language to the masses and it really sounds awesome! Where are the other Greece bands?

All of the singers and the music videos do a fantastic job promoting Antique the best they can for sure. Also, if you are on a road trip. This is a perfect road trip song by the way without mind music experience. It’s a healing dance song, which is sort of an Eurodance song. But the song contains almost no vocals. So, what is it? It fits into Muuuzic theme anyway!

Let’s Introduce you to Antique which is in ever Eurodance heart

Antique was a Eurodance band group which included 19 years old Elena Paparizou and 23 years old Nikos Panagiotidis. Both were born in Sweden after their parents immigrated. Their music is very danceable and combines Eurodance beat synth with Greek touch. The production team and the dance music creators, C&N Project, were earlier season working DJ’s in the Greek Islands.

Elena grew up in Sweden, which is in Scandinavia. Her artistic talents showed from an early age, and she began her training in singing, dancing and acting while she was still at school as many other great artists. Antique managed actually to reach top 5 on the Swedish Sales Chart with a Greek song ! Not only that, but they were also nominated in the category “Modern Dance” for the Swedish Grammy Award.

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Opa-Opa gave Antique huge popularity that they Needed

Their first single Opa-Opa was also on the Top 10 in the whole of Scandinavia at their top popularity and one could hear the song everywhere. In Poland it became a megahit too. All of a sudden everybody knew about Antique! The second single Dinata Dinata was Top 10 for 5 weeks on the Swedish Sales Chart. Both singles had reached Gold status and Opa-Opa had also reached Platinum.

Antique did a lot for Eurodance. They came at the end of the biggest Eurodance era, but they really pushed Greek tones into the beats. Muuuzic loves them and the latest info we ever found regarding Antique is that Elena competed for Greece at the Eurovision contest with her song My Number One and won.

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