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Published on 19/05/2018
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At the end of 1990’s. A home computer named Amiga struggled a lot. But for a short period, it seemed as if all wounds would go. Amiga Technologies, which then owned Amiga managed to create Annex. This eurodance group was going to take the Amiga to new heights and so Muuuzic brings it to You!

This is the Back For The Future song! With all the Annex members playing beach ball with a beach boingball. Pretty neat. Almost every Amiga user got their single from the era when Amiga was going to become something really huge thru Gateway 2000 ownership.

Right After World of Amiga 98 when things was going to take off, Gateway 2000 choose to pull the Amiga part off. Jim Collas would have been the most handsome CEO any computer company would have got. Shame that everything turned out differently. But then again, the Amiga saga never ended.

Annex is however pretty rare outside of the Amiga community. So, we at Muuuzic is pleased to share this with You. Annex was a fantastic girl only eurodance group from Germany that Petro hired to promote the new start for the Amiga. Ohh,.. I soo wanted them to succeed at the time too.

We at Muuuzic wonder where all of the talented singers went though. Ohh, and if you want to get the latest Amiga news and articles. Check out


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Annex with Back For The Future
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