Amber with This Is Your Night is a perfect Summer Dance Dance Tune03:43

Published on 11/06/2018
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Summer is one of the best times for listening to Eurodance. Its light, happy and very cool music that puts you into right mood too. Amber with This Is Your Night is a perfect classical eurodance track that pulls all of your worries away for some minutes. Its a nice healing power in Eurodance music for sure!

Roots in Europe but Living in America right Now

Amber’s real name is Marie-Claire Cremers. She recently explained that the name Amber was chosen because in America everything is sorted by A-B-C-D in record stores, so her producers wanted her have a name with “A.” She was born in the Netherlands, and her parents loved classical music (her dad is an opera singer and her mom is a piano teacher). That was not her case, actually she always liked dance music, and she started singing after moving to Germany. As of now, she has a son and resides in the United States. She comes back in Europe for the holidays, though, to visit her family.

Fantastic how she moved on. She managed to choose the genre that she liked most and not following her parents love for classical music. It is said that Children that manages to go their own ways are gifted for sure. They know how to move genres and evolve. Why go the parents way when You can do what You think is Right for you.

You can read all about Amber’s intensive biography here. The world needs to move on and so some people choose to change but Amber still seems to be active. She releases new stuff now and then, even though she got a son. Never give up your strongest love while getting a living precious soul for sure. It is your identity. Remember that!

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