The Original Droid tune by Automat is very good. But during the ’80s there were made both disco and dance remixes. This one is one of the best.

Droid is a fantastic tune that is almost forgotten today which Muuuzic tries to do something about. This tune is a dance tune on beautiful steroids. So, start to move those feet on the dancefloor now!


Since the very first Synthesizer Hits albums that I loved to buy in the 1990s. I’ve always been positive towards Droid. It is such an energic tune that I want you to know a little more about.

Facts You Need Know

  • Released: 1988
  • From: Sweden, Europe
  • Distributed by: Vinyl Mania
  • Site: TBA
  • Where to Buy: TBA

An intense tune from 1988

The tune is very intense. It’s as if it is possible to ask about where did the remixers get all of the energy from at that time. Love the beats in the Swedish remix tune. But if we move a few years to 1991 or something a Disco Eurodance tune was made in the era when Italodisco had its Millenium.

Below here you can listen to the Italodisco version of Droid which is also very good!

Including the Swedish Dance Mix that is on top of this article. I can’t avoid revealing the disco dance tune with the same Droid name too. This is the Droid Automatic Piano which is a KEN HIRAYAMA MIX. I am not sure from which year this one is but it is as awesome as the Swedish remix from 1988.

This tune is so underrated. It is a fantastic tune that should be a much bigger hit. I just don’t understand why it isn’t? Just listen to it and you might question the same too. Hipnosis, Hypnosis or Automat. This tune is one of those tunes that can be remixed a lot without it getting old or boring.

Automat from 1978 is still a Droid gem too

Both of the Swedish Remix and the ItaloDisco version of Droid are fantastic tunes. But when you know that this Droid tune actually comes from 1978 it’s even more remarkable. In a time when synths were just beginning to come. Automat released Droid which is a fantastic tune that leed to the Hipnosis and Hypnosis remixes.

Also, the video is one of the best videos showing elements from one of the best electronic albums ever that put this tune on the map. Automat as with Kraftwerk were the pioneers in synth and techno music. I thought it was a nice gesture to show you where Droid comes from.

This song is the ultimate image of the perfection of space music from the 70’s. You don’t just make this up, this is the 70’s. Your mind isn’t ready for it as we are now in 2020. But the pioneers knew how to make music. Droid is a tune that I never get tired of.

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