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Published on 29/08/2018
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Jessica Folcker is today one of the most known and respected Eurodance and dance queen from Sweden. She helped Leila K, made her own solo album and also started it all with Amadin that also included Kristian Lundin. It is all now put into our Muuuzic Internet Music Database.

U Make Me Feel Alright makes Swedish Eurodance sounds awesome because of Jessica’s voice

Stockholm, Sweden produced lot’s of new Eurodance in the 90s. With Jessica, Eurodance became much more mature. Amadin band itself consists of John Amatiello and Kristian Lundin, featuring artists such as the rapper Swing and the singers Jessica Folcker.

Jessica became miss Stockholm in 1994, who released a Solo pop-record in 1998 and had some big radio hits in Sweden. Amadin also consisted of Nana Hedin.

U Make Me Feel Alright Eurodance tune was written by Nello, Engdahl and Silvia. It was a great hit in Europe and in Isreal where it managed to become at numbder 9. When the debut single was released Kristian and John worked with Dr Alban on the album Look Who’s Talking. Afterwards Swing went solo and released the debut single Sweet Dreams 1995. Jessica tried to make it as an actress and signed to the Diesel label. Then she started a successful solo carer. Nello kept on writing songs (for example Nello, Razzia and Silver, all signed on Remixed records) and did some remixes (for example for Solid Base’s single Sha La Long, for La Cream etc…)

Kristian and John produced and remixed other Swedish artists, such as E-Type, Papa Dee, Herbie and Dana Dragomir (panflute artist). Amadin is currently split up since John wanted to ‘do other things than just music’.

This was Jessica’s biggest tune during her time at Amadin. This early dance group was founded in 1993 and by 1995 they split. Jessica’s voice really helped her career in U Make Me Feel Alright. It is magic, it got power and its a true Eurodance voice!

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Jessica will always be in our dancing hearts! It is mentioned in Muuuzic’s Internet Music Database!


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U Make Me Feel Alright made Jessica Folcker a Eurodance Star
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