One of those tracks from 2000 from Alice DJ that still had a Eurodance type of vibe. It is a purer dance track with Alice DJ voice singing which makes it feel more like a Eurodance Trance type of song. Which is awesome!

Alice DJ with The Lonely One Single

The Lonely One (Hit Radio Mix)3:16
The Lonely One (XXL)5:17
The Lonely One (Airscape RMX)8:58
The Lonely One (Transa RMX) (Vocal)7:29
The Lonely One (Goetz & Marc A. RMX) (Vocal)7:48
The Lonely One3:16

The Lonely One isn’t her biggest tune, but she saved the genre by making people change their minds on what Eurodance is.

This is a type of Eurodance Trance track that you can play in a Tech Trance (or even pumping Techno) set, and people will be guaranteed to come up and ask you what it is. It is old enough and a much more underrated song than other hits that she had such as Will I Ever. It is one year later old song, but still, I like it more.

Solid Eurodance Trance rhythm

A solid, thumping rhythm with a dark acidic bassline growl away until the 2-minute mark. Then what can only be described as a “disco bleep” arrives (think along the lines of Tryouts For The Human Race), along with a more sinister acid undertone and it also got some minor key gothic moments in the song too.

Things get a little spacey in a break, then back to the aggression. Its this type of rhythm that Eurodance sort of evolved to after Aqua with Barbie Girl almost destroyed the entire genre. I am so glad that the Eurodance Trance genre sort of rescued Eurodance from the fall. But much was already done by Aqua.

Barbie Girl was a huge Fall for Eurodance genre

The introduction of that Barbie type of voice put Eurodance back in time a lot. Aqua knew what they were doing for getting sales but it almost ruined Eurodance. Roses Are Red tune which came out before Barbie Girl still had a very nice vibe to it though so not all of Aqua’s songs are bad at all.

But Barbie Girl did make a huge scar that made Vengaboys and other “new types of” Eurodance bands emerge.

Trance word got hyped up with No Reason

Alice DJ is an artist that made people debate about whats Eurodance or Trance to end.

For me, Trance is music with almost no vocals with very long repeatable segments, tones, and beats while Eurodance is a mix of dance, house, club, and trance with vocals pumping the tunes up a lot.

A great example to illustrate this is Dance 2 Trance with Power Of American Natives. The vocal version is long enough to call it Eurodance, but there is also a trance version without vocal at all that you find on their Moon Spirit album. The transactions are a bit faster than Trance as you might know it. But this genre also evolved in the 1990s a lot.

Alice DJ is a Fantastic singer and she made me believe in the genre again. This is uplifting music. That’s what Eurodance is all about, which she nails a lot.

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