Alexia and Ice Mc together – Super Megamix08:45

Published on 08/11/2017
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Two of the strongest eurodance group decided to make this megamix back in the days. These were smashing hits in the 90s and shouldn’t be forgotten. Fantastic mix and a fantastic super megamix tune for sure.

Born in March 1965

Ice MC is one of the strongest and most known eurodance groups ever. It was made by Ian Campbell. He was born on 22nd of March 1965. He is an rapper that managed to make professional music career thru the eurodance genre in Italy, when he got signed to Robyx.

In 1996, ICE MC decided to leave Zanetti and Alexia due to some disagreement between them. Shortly after that a new album, Dreadatour, (produced by Masterboy) was released. The hit from the album was “Give Me the Light”, but the album itself was not very successful. During that period, ICE MC worked on an unreleased song with Masterboy titled “Busy Body”. Later on in 1997, the same team followed with the promotional track “Energy”.

At the end of 2002, he decided to return to Italy and to contact Zanetti again. Together they started writing some new material and, at the beginning of 2004, they began recording a new album, Cold Skool. Campbell is also a painter, and sells his paintings via his website.

It’s a Rainy Day is Ice Mc most Popular song ever

This song is heard in this megamix! Its been his strongest title ever. He managed to hit the 1st place in 1994 (Italy) with that song. Also in Belgium it did well with a 2nd place. In the rest the list on Wikipedia shows that it didn’t reach higher than 6th in France etc.. but with the popularity it got I am not so sure about this. Especially 14th place in Germany? This is for sure a typical eurodance song that Germans loves. Hmm.

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Well. Its a nice song! And this megamix even better!

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