Its magic when Eurodance bands from the 90s out of sudden returns, but not everyone takes the Eurodance vibe with them. But this tune by Eclipse which was released back in 2014 is a really good tune and true to the Eurodance vibe for sure. I really love this song and its way too underrated!

Eclipse returned in 2014 after almost 20 years of absence with performers Miriam Maas-Schevers and Rodney Vincent Harar and a new single entitled I Want You Forever. It was released under the School Of Music And Lyrics. A masterpiece from Netherlands in 2014. This is a track that shows that Eurodance rhythm is still alive. Muuuzic tries to revive this fantastic music genre for you all.

I am true to the title here Eclipse! I Want You Forever! What a fantastic Eurodance band you are!

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