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Published on 27/10/2019
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Rare Eurodance songs are interesting to find. They present a time when many Eurodance bands fight about being the biggest and hottest band. But bands such as Activ Project with Fight never got the attention that they deserved.

Activ Project with Fight is found on EuroBeat NOW 6

On the eurokdj site it is revealed that this song can be found on the EuroBeat NOW 6 compilation CD that was released in the 1990s. Activ Project never released their song on any single. So this makes this song very very rare.

Fire is a very nice tune and it is way better than many other Eurodance tunes that got single releases. It was released in 1996. It got all of the right Eurodance elements covered in the song. Its a pumpin and uplifting tune. Don’t You Give It Up will sit in your mind and you will easily let yourself dance to it physically or in your mind.

So what makes Eurodance so Unique?

What is Eurodance Music? The definition of Eurodance music is quite simply- Music composed/ played specifically for dancing to and enjoyment. Dance music includes a whole variety of music from waltz to tango, disco to rock but at the same time have this amazing feeling to it.

From the dawn of mankind humans possessed the desire to dance. The first purpose of dance was ritual – to the gods of nature. Dancing is proven to make us feel good. Dancing is used in celebrations. In ancient Greece, after harvesting grapes, the occasion was celebrated in honor of the God of wine, Dionysus, where people danced all night long. Although dance and music can be traced back to prehistoric times, it is unclear which came first. As rhythm and sound go hand in hand and inspire movement. The relationship between the two has always been symbiotic. Eurodance however to the beat and synth part and moved it forward like no other genre.

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Eurodance music is Good for you

It’s a well-known fact that the Eurodance type of music is good for you, as it builds neuropathways and stimulates the mind. Recently scientists discovered what makes a tune catchy, after locating the brain area where a song’s “hook” gets caught. It is in the auditory cortex, which handles information from ears.

Eurodance music, in particular, stimulates our brains, as studies found, thus the popular demand for night clubs. An uplifting melody with an uptempo rhythm increases our stimulation in the auditory complex.

In recent times the term “dance music” is more familiarly known as club music, electronic music…techno, trance, house, Eurodance, breakbeat and trance, drum and bass, hip hop and even raga elements in them.


Activ Project with Fight

Eurodance is part of the dance revolution

Electronic dance music evolved in the 1970s. Some of the most known artists such as Kraftwerk, Georgio Moroder, Donna Summer, and Sylvester are just a few of the artists who started the dance music phenomenon.

From 1988, many terms of dance music evolved. From Acid House to Techno to ambient wave to trance. Eurodance evolved too a lot from this era with 1995 being the peak while now its experimental in many areas. However, there are also newer Eurodance artists trying to be unique. We at Muuuzic think that providing you with tunes that didn’t make it so far also has

the right to be mentioned. Activ Project deserves to be part of the Eurodance era and we hope that you find it interesting also.

Nowadays we have all sorts of dance music from all over the world. We hear it on our radios, TVs, in our night clubs. A recent survey found that Eurodance type of music is the most popular genre among music tastes, and is growing in popularity, even more, each day.

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