A fantastic tune with lots of positive uplifting power in it. The female voice reminds me of Whigfield somewhat. The Enigma sample is also used very nicely in this tune.

For many, this is the Best Eurodance Track Ever that is Produced by Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente and A. Bindella. Great uptempo Farina style. It is a huge masterpiece! It was released in 1994 and still sits in my mind. What a Eurodance tune this is that I wanted to share with our lovely readers across the globe.

This song includes included a Factory Team Edit, a Dub version, a V.D.A. Edit, and a A. Kay Edit. It was written and composed by A. Bindella – M. Farina and G. Crivellente. I fantastic Eurodance tune.


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