The beat is very important for Eurodance fans. Also, the rhythm, remarkable female vocals, and rap elements are what make this genre so good. Many think of Eurodance to be Haddaway with What Is Love, 2 Unlimited with No Limits, Aqua with Barbie Girl, Snap with The Power, Vengaboys with Ibiza, or even Sash with Stay to name a few.

All of the mentioned groups changed the popularity of dance music. But Not the music itself. The rhythm in The Power by Snap is amazing but dance music itself is so much more when it comes to being a real Eurodance song. Aqua with Barbie Girl is another very popular Eurodance tune that nearly killed the genre. But it didn’t!

So, here are the groups that made a difference.

#1 – Activate with I Say What I Want

This music tune is such an uplifting experience. The rap part is perfect with the female vocals putting the dance group into my important billboard. European rhythm that is remarkably good. This is Eurodance!

#2 – Prince Ital Joe Feat. Marky Mark with Babylon

R.I.P. Prince ital joe… but what a reggae influencer this group was. Not only its a party tune, but it gives lights to every night you’re having nothing to do at. And don’t tell that you don’t know who Marky Mark is.

Marky Mark is an actor today and he is known for big budget action-oriented movies, such as Planet of the Apes from 2001 and The Italian Job from 2003.

#3 – Magic Affair with Give Me All Your Love

With one of the best intros. The deep voice at the beginning changed the 90s Eurodance for the better. Why did Aqua ruin this type of Eurodance music? Barbie Girl made so many artists change their styles because they wanted to be as good as Aqua.

#4 – Leila K with Electric

She nailed it! She was so good with her Electric tune. This is an artist that changed for the worse a lot,.. but this tune gives me goosebumps even today! She is a European angel that made a fantastic tune that pushed Eurodance like no other.

Electric song by Leila K sounds like a mix of the 1980s and the 90s. The jam in it is pure musicgasm for any ear listening to it. Especially at the end. This tune is no ordinary pop. This is a dance made in Europe that should be played everywhere. This is one of those Eurodance songs that made a mark on my Eurodance billboard list of one of the best Eurodance songs ever made.

I really wish that Leila K never stopped. She could do stuff with Dr Alban too later. It would be great. Electric shines.

#5 – M.C.SAR and The Real McCOY with Streetfighter

The intro is also one of the best parts that made this tune on this Eurodance list. This is not a coco jamboo,.. but it is music for my ears. This song is just the best!!!… Perfection! The female vocals make you hooked and take your mind to another dimension for some minutes.

The beat that this group did here is great. I don’t care about what the media says. If you are into dance music. This is it.

During its golden years in the mid-1990s, dance was referred to as “Eurodance”; in Europe, it was often called “dancefloor type of music” The term was initially used to describe only European dance music productions. However, there are some examples of acts from the 1990s produced in the U.S. which followed the same music style and became popular particularly in Europe, nowadays are also referred to as Eurodance music. The term first came to refer to an NRG-based genre from the 90s which included a solo vocalist or a rapper/vocalist duet. It is these artists that I have mentioned in this article.

Eurodance genre is important. Not just to Germany, Netherlands etc. Eurodance songs united the world with their simple lyrics. Just go onto Eurodance clips on YouTube and you will find Russian comments all over the comments sections. Eurodance artists made a huge impact and are also one of the genres to unite a divided world. Now in 2021, we need this more than ever.

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