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Published on 13/06/2018
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Many of the Eurodance tracks delivered in the 90’s had interesting lyrics that we today seem to just laugh at. But they were in Eurodance hits everywhere in the 90’s. They however always carried strong messages that made you think even though it was easy to hear lyrics. Whether it was against racism and hate, or simply about having a good time. Everyone in the 90’s knows exactly what we try to describe in here. Many people just miss this generation as much as we do. This song by 3-O-Matic was no exception.

Some People have been Looking for this song by 3-O-Matic for more than 20 years

Hand in hand we should stop the racism everywhere. This song made it to a thing to think about. The easy made lyrics made people in any country with another language understand the meanings of these messages much better than today. Eurodance might be a genre that for many sounds too easy and fun. But for the evolution of how we all look at racism and other issues in this world. Eurodance changed teenagers minds towards the better all in all.

Eurodance is one of the few music genres that is able to deliver easy messages easy to People all across the world. People in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland etc fell in love with this genre and they still have many Eurodance partys as if they never left this genre at all.

German Eurodance group delivering Important message to the World

They were a German Eurodance group that was active in the middle of 1990’s. They featured rapper George R. Walden III. Also the singers Nancy Rentzsch and Tanja Geuder did a fantastic job. The latter two had been background singers for Haddaway discogs.com writes  and members of DJ BoBo’s tour crew before joining 3-O-Matic project. After some quarrels with the group’s management, 3-O-Matic split up and the two singers became the front of another dance group project named as 2 For Good.

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Happy Listening to one of Eurodance songs that We actually Believe moved the World in the Right direction. More songs like this in our times wouldn’t hurt at all for sure.


Source: discogs.com

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