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Published on 31/08/2018
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High commercial quality Eurodance 1990-1995 productions by 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor from Netherlands gave the genre a uplifting rise.

Eurodance with rap and Fantastic female vocals

Starting with Hip-House in there Can’t Help Myself song. Then crossing the ocean to become Euro House Eurodance group with Never Alone and Dreams and moving to touch Happy Hardcore genre with this title, Come Take My Hand.

All of these three tracks that represent the popular Dance genre in the 1990s. They had high-quality productions from start to end. It was the Eurodance group that everyone was talking about. All of their songs came on the various Eurodance compilation CDs such as the humongous popular Mega Dance Compilation CD series.

Come Take My Hand stormed the European Eurodance scene in 1995

This Eurodance group, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor came from Netherlands where it was released first in the world in 1995. Then it got pretty widespread and this black and white music video gave them extra push forward too. It’s a high-quality music video production for sure.

Interesting though is that they choose to film everything in black and white in this music video. From the moment they go out of the bus in the desert, the music starts. Des’Ray is the hot lady that starts to sing in this music video, while the rapper is D-Rock got some seconds within the song.

However, the part after when she stops to sing is a Happy Hardcore moment that was pretty new in the Eurodance genre at that time. House elements were used a lot in Eurodance, but not this type of Techno synth beats. Scooter did start with it slowly after 1993, but it wasn’t until after 1995 that this type of elements became popular.

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Changing style meant almost The End to 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor

At the end of their success at the end of 1996. This Eurodance band released a single called There is A Key and their second album called 2.

Then their next single was One Day which was an R&B track and not the usual Eurodance style. This meant that people who loved 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor because of their Eurodance style ignored them, which lead to the group ending all activities after 2001. But they restarted!

Since 2002 they are active and we at Muuuzic will for sure extend our articles about them later on.

Source: eurokdj.com, discogs.com

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