Eurodance made many interesting euro dance hits available for the public in the 90s. The music made hips dance and its these extravaganza moments that I am listening up here. Hits that turned to viral hits in the name of eurodance genre itself that Muuuzic covers.

The beat as with the vocals is as important for a eurodance song to go viral. These are all worthy eurodance hits. The 90s were awesome time and these hits made me mind fly away.

In this article I base my writing of those hits that took the rhythm of the night beats to a new level.

#1 – Dr. Alban with Its My Life

This eurodance tune is the song that made Europe and the world party. It was the very first huge hit in Poland. It was played everywhere I remember. No matter TV or Radio, Its My Life was the tune. It was the summer smashing hit.

Dr. Alban is one of the biggest influencers in music and that he managed to turn the summer of its launch so high is incredible. I danced with my friends to it I remember. This song influenced the world.

#2 – Culture Beat with Mr Vain

The limit of what you can sing about is nowhere. This song is an example for that. What a powerful tune it is.

#3 – Snap! with Rhythm is a Dancer

This is one of the most iconic eurodance hits ever made. Its one of the eurodance songs that never age. Rhythm is a Dancer is what a euro dance tune should all be about. Intriguing, powerful and have the magic to turn your mind to a slave to the music.

There are many variations made for this song and this version is by far one of the best ones I think. It is a party tune that is made for all nights. Perfect!

#4 – Ice MC with Think About The Way

Dance music is about moving souls. This hit touched lots of souls. It changed Eurodance a lot. This is a song that I have mixed feelings about. In periods I love it, while in others I need a break for it. But I cannot forget to mention it in a list like this.

#5 – Magic Affair with Give Me All Your Love

This tune is my reason for loving dance music so much. 90s had the beats that were introduced and Magic Affair is such an influencer of that. The start of songs like this in the 90s made you focus on it.

#6 – Captain Hollywood Project with Flying High

Now this tune is a tune with lots of power. This musicvideo was wow as with the song itself too. It brought eurodance to next age. The beats were more intense and with the artist jumping out from Twenty 4 Seven group. He made a huge positive mark with some of the most remarkable eurodance songs that went viral in the 90s.

This song was played on every tv channel at the time of its release. I became slave to the music because of this song. It was hard for me to not listening to Flying High. It had this uplifting spirit in every tone. I loved that so much!

#7 – Basic Element with Promise Man

If there is a song that makes the night much brighter then it is Promise Man. From the Swedish air of fantastic beats. Basic Element made Europe love them with this song. It is similar to another one made by the group so many got confused. But this is the tune that put Sweden on the Eurodance hits map.

This song is such an uplifting experience. The party feel is perfect for a night that you wont forget. It is hits like this that been stuck on my mind since it was released. The beat in this tune is insane good. You really feel that this no Aqua or Vengaboys that want to make fun of the genre. This is a hit that must be more known to the world today and I am glad to be able to spread the info on Muuuzic!

#8 – Melaine C with I Turn To You

When one of the Spice Girls members decided to turn away from the pop mania that this group this back in the 90s. It was one of the best gifts that the Eurodance gifts ever. Because I Turn To You is a blast from the past that will never age! Melaine C on her own is a fantastic woman. This showed her beauty and how amazing her voice really is.

In Spice Girls, Melaine C was one of the best singers in that group. But her voice was often taken up by the other members that had this Aqua Lene alike tiny winny voices that didnt sound anything good to me. Spice Girls had some humongous hits but it is this tune by Melaine C that gave me the sign of that this is so much more right for my soul that loves Eurodance!

Some might comment that this is a pop tune. But I dont agree. Listen to it and Spice Girls to hear the difference. The beats here are just pure beats and this tune is perfect for taking hips onto the dancefloors. A perfect tune for a lonely night too. Uplifting it is too.

#9 – Rednex with Spirit Of The Hawk

Maybe one of the most sexiest Eurodance songs ever made. Rednex was known for their country-pop-dance songs, but this song was their first true Eurodance song. It came out quite late but it is my mind one of the best Eurodance hits ever made.

The popularity of Rednex had shrinked a lot when this tune was released, but as a Eurodance tune it moved my my mind a lot. It is Dance 2 Trance inspired but at the time so uplifting.

#10 – Mr President with 4 On The Floor

This song is a powerful one. It makes Eurodance lasting forever. No more words needs to be posted.

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