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Published on 27/03/2017

Ylvis is the humor duo from Norway from Bergen, which is the second biggest city here. Yes! They are very talented brothers that got their own program on TV Norge, which is one of the biggest private commercially tv channels in Norway.

Real brothers with Amazing talents

The Ylvis brothers is really brothers. They have been on Norwegian television for a very long time. They can sing, be funny and do amazingly stunts on the stage. So, it was quite interesting experience to see What The Fox Says song to become such a popular viral video on YouTube.

Over 699 million views on YouTube and still counting everyday. Ylvis did something that they never thought will become popular and it really did. Millions out of sudden got to know about Ylvis brothers and that’s quite cool for sure.

Here is another video clip from Ylvis on TV Norge, where they tried to get Big in Krigistan

Their shows is in Norwegian, but this documentary includes English subtitles on YouTube, so that everyone can understand. So, as you see. Ylvis is doing mostly humor stuff. But they did a very good figure in the What The Fox Says video for sure. So, these talented brothers knows more than just dancing and be funny. They can sing!

Live at Jimmy Fallon show in USA

Not only did they perform at Jimmy Fallon show but also on The Ellen Degeneres Show too. But when you thought it stopped there.. You’re wrong. Because they were even at MAMA 2013 K-POP festival with over 9.2 million views there too.

Ylvis is for sure a gem from Bergen and we are thankful for all of their performances. This song is viral yes, but its also quite well made. Its a production hit from Norway. A small country with only 5 million people. So, for Norwegians it’s very special to see Ylvis doing such a thing on the net.



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