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Published on 12/04/2017

One of the biggest techno piano hits in 1996, was this song called Children by Robert Miles. It blew many away with its light and very calm tones. No one before Robert Miles did this. There were many ambient attempts before it and some groups like KLF managed to almost get there, but there was something missing? The missing piano techno link?

Robert Miles Made techno Popular in 1996

Many music genres gets their highlights in their lifetime. Rock got it’s highlight with Elvis, Pop from Michael Jackson and Madonnna and Disco got it from Boney M. There are more artists contributing to these music genres, but the quite new techno genre sort of went wilder than wild wild west. Techno in the beginning of 1990s was noise from A to Z. My dad bought me a techno CD from United States when he visited in the earl 1990s and what I heard for the first time was pretty wild and awesome for me as a teenager. But would any pop interested person like it? I wouldn’t think so! Well, we are all very different. But the techno that was made until Robert Miles hit the streets with Children was pretty wild and now one Italian DJ brought techno into everyones homes. Yes! Robert Miles did this and it lasted for several years before this genre somehow got forgotten completely.

Techno piano trance beats into everyones Living rooms

Children pulled the genres techno and trance together. I don’t know where to put this type of music, but it made piano trance techno very popular thanks to MTV and other music telvision channels at that time still broadcasting musicvideos 24 hours a day. Other private held channels across Europe also had individual musicvideo programs spreading Robert Miles work a lot also. It was a fantastic time for this genre, but then…

What happened?… this type of music became almost forgotten. However! Internet and YouTube rescued it a lot and now in 2017 Muuuzic website is here to bring it back to you, so it wont be forgotten. Because Children from Robert Miles, either you like it or not. Was a revolution sort of. It wasn’t rock, disco or a pop revolution. But it brought techno to everyones Living rooms. After this release, the variations in trance and techno music also became wider and more interesting I think. So, thanks to Robert Miles for what you did. You are a legend, together with many other artists out there.

Interesting musicvideo with a child in the Backseat of a car

Not only did the music do a lot, but also the musicvideo with a child sitting in the backseat of a car. It was really calm but at the same time scary musicvideo, because almost every child that did sit in the backseats didn’t have much to do other than watch out of the window. I remember that myself. Driving and driving, with the trees and endless farms just passing by with the sky changing a bit. Now children have tablets and phone entertainment in the backseats, but then again the social elements is taken away. I also remember the times when we had these social games guessing different stuff. Well! The world is quite different now than before. It is and to try changing it back is pretty hopeless,.. ! But the memories is kept!

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