Ugress – Reason to Believe05:43

Published on 15/04/2017

If there is one Norwegian artist that I can talk high about, then it must be Ugress. They are as dark as Paula Powered, but they are a bit more poppy than them. Anyway! Reason to Believe must be one of their best songs. You need some good speakers though! Because this is a group that makes music for real speakers. You wont get the full effect from PC speakers etc!

This song is a question!? Reason to Believe? And the tones are beats! However we also have SID tones and there is a very nice ending also. I wont tell too much, because you just need to listen! Ugress is one of those Norwegian groups that is on the line with Blue Metal Rose and Paula Powered. Their love for Commodore 64 puts them in a special category in my heart for sure.

Check out their fantastic site also!


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