Turrican II Main Screen soundtrack07:34

Published on 28/03/2017

This is one of Chris Hüelsbeck best soundtracks. Just look what people write on YouTube:

After all these years I still see my younger self sitting there in front of my beloved Amiga 500 just watching the intro over and over again and listening to this marvellous piece of music. Brilliant!

It’s a shame I missed out on the era of Amiga. Jesus christ this soundtrack is good
Masterpiece. Nothing more to say.
Just mindblowing. Best soundtrack ever on the most innovative computer ever built. As I saw the first Amiga in action it blows me of the screen.
Seven and a half minutes of pure power. This title on one hand is exceptional but on the other hand is very typical for amiga music (there were a lot of great tunes like this back in those days). The whole track is brilliant but the part at 2:30 is indescribable … @Kuokka77: Great Work!
So, this soundtrack is really loved by people all over the world. Many thinks that Amiga had just 8-bit sound possibility, but the fact is that its capable of doing 14-bit which is nearly 16-bit. Fantastic track!
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