Scooter with No Fate is a Beautifully Techno Dance Tune03:42

Published on 24/11/2017

Scooter is known for his techno inspired songs. However, in the 90s most of his songs were included in Eurodance CDs like Mega Dance. These CDs sort of made Scooters songs Eurodance legit, but this is for sure way more techno inspired. He introduced slow-speed techno and had some tracks that were quite near Eurodance, but his speed cannot be called that genre at all we think.

Scooter with No Fate is a Beautifully made cover song

This No Fate version is not better than original version by Zyon, but it’s a very nice remake for sure and one of Scooters better songs. Its for sure a nice tune and its easy to dance to. A perfect slow-speed techno song that got dance elements to it also. This is the song that I remember the most from Scooter. However, if you want to send us musicvideos tips. Send it to post at distrita dot com! We will post it for you!

Scooter will always be in our minds, either we like it or not. He was part of the 90s electronic music revolution. No Fate song was one of those that pushed electronic slow-speed techno forward also. Lovely tune.

Enjoy the song!

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