Randy Crawford with Don’t Wanna Be Normal05:16

Published on 21/10/2017

My first ever CD that I listened was to Randy Crawford – Abastract Emotions that my parents bought right after we got the very first HiFi CD system at home. I instantly got in love with this lady and the song Don’t Wanna Be Normal title without understanding anything of what she was singing, since I only understood Norwegian at the time.

The synth and the song progression by Randy Crawford moved my mind

The tones of this album made me more aware of what music is. I loved this album so much that I played it over and over for many years with breaks here and there. This is a perfect song from the 80s and the whole album is very good for me. It’s a really good back in time trip for my mind.

Also when I understood what the song is about. I liked it even more, because I always wanted to front my interests. Life is to fragile, if you try doing something that isn’t normal you get lots of negativity. However, I am doing Distrita and Amitopia websites because I believe in that this have a purpose in life.

Hope that you enjoy listening to this song also. All love to all out there. Be kind and respecfull to everyone. Peace.


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