Mephisto with Mystery of Love04:07

Published on 10/11/2017

This is for sure a rare eurodance trance track by a DJ calling himself Mephisto. He was very popular with Mystery of Love song and then the world forgot about him! It’s not good. It’s really bad. Because Mephisto made some really cool tunes. They are on the level with ATB and the now no more Robbert Miles artist. He made eurodance trance become a trend for sure.

Mephisto with Mystery of Love is just Amazing

This track was so huge in 1997! But now, there is almost no information about this incredible DJ to find. Even Wikipedia lacks information. What happened to this huge artist? This happened over 20 years ago.

Mephisto consisted of a Italian DJ and producer. His original name is Maurizio D’Ambrosio. Muuuzic will follow him closely for you, because this DJ did so much for the music without him even knowing itself even. How can the world out of sudden loose all contact with this fantastic DJ is beyond my understanding.

Let us Reveal Mephisto for you. Maurizio,.. We loved you back in the days and still do. Thanks for this fantastic tunes!

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