Luvienne with Popcorn Remix03:45

Published on 21/10/2017

There are so many giftet people. Luvienne is one of them and this Popcorn Remix made by her is fantastic. The musicvideo is also very nice and refreshing.

Popcorn is one of times most known Trance songs

Hot Butter (Gershon Kingsley) made Popcorn back in 1969. It appeared in his album called Music to Moog By. tutututututututututu….tutututututututututututu pop pop pop pop pop pop. The original song is one of the first synth made songs in the world. Popcorn is for sure a song that should be remembered and Luvienne is doing so with this amazing Popcorn Remix for sure.

Have an awesome time with Muuuzic! The energy of the last minute is just incredible. This version is for sure a very nice version that is fully playable at any dance party. So, the next time you go somewhere or arrange a dance party, then you can refer to this version of Popcorn. It’s such an incredible song that deserves to be played everywhere.

Lot’s of Energy on this Luvienne Musicvideo

When classical music is joint with electronical trance music it becomes just awesome. This type of trance music is for sure a big hit for me. Classical instruments and electronical music is made for each other and Luvienne shows that this is a totally correct judgement from my side of view.

How did it go for the Hot Butter Popcorn version of the song back in 1969?

Hot Butter’s version of “Popcorn” became the second primarily electronic-based piece of music to reach the American popular music charts, three years after “The Minotaur” by Dick Hyman & His Electric Eclectics. The Hot Butter very well and  recording peaked at no. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and no. 4 on the Easy Listening chart.

The single had great success in Australia, where it reached no. 1 for 8 weeks. It was also no. 1 in Switzerland, where it topped the chart for 10 weeks and stayed for 17 weeks in the top 10. In Norway, it was no. 1 for 6 weeks and featured for 21 weeks in the Top 10. It was also no. 1 in Germany and reached no. 5 on 22 July 1972 in UK and no. 15 in Canada – October 1972. In France, this version of “Popcorn” is the 131st best-selling single of all time, with about 900,000 sales. Very interesting information from Wikipedia regarding this.

Popcorn will be an icon within synth and trance genres.

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