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Published on 29/03/2017

One of the strongest male singers is from Latvia. Marats Ogļezņevs is part of the MUSIQQ group that participated with Angel in Disguise at Eurovision 2011. They make fantastic songs and we at Muuuzic will make sure that MUSIQQ will become better known worldwide. This is just fantastic pop at its best.

Musiqq consists of Marats Ogļezņevs (June 28, 1983) and Emīls Balceris (July 7, 1992). Several Musiqq songs “Klimata kontrole”, “Abrakadabra” and “Dzimšanas diena” have become radio hits in Latvia. Marats Ogļezņevs was previously known as a songwriter and singer in hip-hop act Device.

– Wikipedia

MUSIQQ from Latvia have some of the musicworlds best male voices for sure

These singers have really nice voices. This pop band from Latvia delivers more than usual. With their performance at Eurovision 2011, I got to know them. Since then I have followed them and MUSIQQ from Latvia are geniuses for sure. Love their music and I am very happy to be able to share it here.

Support Musiqq by buying their music for sure! They deserve all support and I think you agree after listening to this song. So much energy in this tune!

Enjoy your week! Because Musiqq are one of a kind pop group that more should know about.

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MUSIQQ from Latvia
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