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Published on 09/11/2017

If there is a music category in this world that have got forgotten way too much it is the Synthesizer genre. There is some that tries to revive this genre like Daft Punk. This group etc are geniuses for sure. But they don’t revive the synthesizer music genre. Same with the latest Blade Runner 2049 movie that got Vangelis inspired music but it’s not. Koto however seems to have revived himself back in 2001 without most of the world knowing about. At least up north here in Norway, Koto was huge in the 1980s and 1990s. But after 1993 when Koto stopped giving out albums. It was sort of over…. many thoughts.

Koto is still Alive for Real

This is an Italian synthesizer group. They also got Italo disco elements but many of Koto’s songs is just instrumental with very few words or none at all too. It is made by Anfrado Maiola and Stefano Cundari. Now also at Dutch composer, Michiel van der Kuy is also in their group.

Koto started up in 1982 and until 1993 they became world wide hits. Many even didn’t know about who played in the group and so many thought that they were actually from Japan. Some of their songs tries to hint to that and so many strange discussions started for my friends and me.

In 1985 Koto released this song called Visitors. On Wikipedia its possible to get some nice info regarding this song. The track contains a sample for Michael Jackson’s Thriller song which was a huge hit in 1984. Many of the synthesizer and italo disco groups from Italy did actually this. They used other songs samples and made them quite cool. Another great song by Koto is of course Dragon’s Lair which was based on the very huge and popular video game in 1983. So that song got samples from the Dragon’s Lair game. Very interesting!

In 2001, Maiola bought back the rights to the Koto name, and has released three more singles under that alias. He is now working with Roberto Bisca and Alex Cundari to compose new songs. Their first five singles are included on many Italo disco and ’80s compilations and retrospectives. Koto is always in our hearts.


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