Double You with Please Don’t Go03:23

Published on 11/11/2017

Back in the 90s, this type of music boosted its popularity in 1991. Double You got formed as the boys met the producer Roberto Zanetti. In December of the same year, 1991 “Please Don’t Go” was recorded.

The song was then released in January 1992 and was an instant hit. Double You toured across Europe and appeared in TV shows around the world.

This was for sure a humongous hit everywhere.

Please Don’t Go Number One hit in Netherlands and Belgium

This hit managed to hit 1st place in 1992 in both Netherlands and Belgium. In Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany the song managed 2nd and 3d and 4th place.

Double You got really huge with this hit and became the song that most remember.

Fantastic song!

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