Diggers for Amiga CD32 got some of worlds finest Original ingame soundtrack10:00

Published on 29/11/2017

In 1993, Commodore launched Amiga CD32. This was a high-end 32-bits console from Commodore and this Diggers game was a very nice launching title! There was also a Amiga AGA version of the game that got released. However, it is the soundtrack of the Diggers CD32 version that got most attention. As you hear it’s incredible well done!

Amazing soundtrack that puts you in the fantastic mood of the game!

There is simply no other soundtracks that can beat this. Still in 2017 I haven’t found any ingame soundtrack that is so intense and so well made like this one. So, I just say. Welcome to Diggers CD32 soundtrack! Just because of the soundtrack. Diggers became an instant Amiga CD32 hit. The game itself was fun and came out many years before Minecraft. It got some similarities, but as you can see this game is a 2D game. Here it’s all about digging while listening to this amazing soundtrack.

Waking up early in the morning winter. its weekend and my parents working. i hear this atmospheric music in the living room and seeing my brother playing this game on Amiga CD 32 and i didn’t seen this game before so i watched him playing this. Memories <3

so atmospheric, and awesome!

Many loves this tune. Amiga CD32 would have become a wonderful console if Commodore could live further. But the disaster was bound to happen. Enjoy the ambient tones! You deserve this!

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