Blade Runner 2049 is here, but do listen to the Vangelis soundtrack Here!1:52:43

Published on 13/10/2017

The sequel Blade Runner 2049 is now out which is stunningly visually for sure. All of the actors made the movie a pretty good watch, but for me as an Vangelis enthusiast. The music didn’t have the same karma or soul as what Vangelis did for the very first Blade Runner movie.

Vangelis – Blade Runner Remastered 2017 Soundtrack

If you have almost 2 hours of nothing to do. I advice you to listen to this soundtrack. It’s so intense that you really feel that you are in the future with the first Blade Runner movie for sure. Vangelis was the synthesizer group that competed with Enigma and Enya in 1980 and they did a amazing job for that movie for sure.

Evanghelos Odysseas Papathanassiou is the name of the Vangelis artist and composer. He was born on 29th of March 1943 in Volos, Greece. He had huge successes with his soundtracks Chariots of Fire that was released in 1981 and Blade Runner in 1982.

For over 70 years Evanghelos Odysseas Papathanassiou have performed and composed more than 50 albums. Vangelis is also considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of electronic music together with Kraftwerk, Enigma and Koto.

Blade Runner nominated at American Film Institute

The American Film Institute nominated Vangelis’ scores for Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire for their list of the 250 greatest film scores, Wikipedia states. It is one of the movies that manages to move you. Yes it is a sci-fi movie, but it is a drama and the whole package with the futuristic city and music from Vangelis that really touches your heart. This Greek musician is an absolute extravaganza person. He made electronic music to something amazingly.

Now many years since the first Blade Runner movie came in 1982, Vangelis is still remembered in 2017. In addition to working with synthesizers and other electronic instruments, Vangelis also works with and conducts orchestras. So he is just brilliant. Vangelis is the reason for why electronic music is loved today.

Listen to this soundtrack, close your eyes and take yourself back in time. You deserve this.


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