ATB with 9 PM brings back the golden times03:14

Published on 20/10/2017

ATB is still active. Just this year, they have released a new album. It is called neXt. Get the album here: and support this amazingly talented artist. He was on the line with Robert Miles that passed away this year and will be deeply missed for many years to come for sure.

Check out ATB with See You Again from 2008 also!

Reminds of Palm Springs and Summer

A nice comment on this musicvideo must be shared. It was written by Axl Bender:

“I don’t know why, but this song reminds me of when I was 12 years old. I had to go to Palm Springs for the summer to visit my grandparents. I was pissed off and spent my days riding as far as I could to stay away. One day I stopped at a convenience store to get something to drink. I got off my bike and noticed a girl around my age (13) following me. I came back out of the store, she walked up to me and told me we lived next door to each other then took a long sip from my drink. We didn’t say anything, we were just best friends from that point on. It was hot during the day, we spent a lot of time exploring a field that had trees and a wash running through it. I was starting to think about her all the time, including in my dreams. I was into chicks but not like that, she was consuming my mind when I wasn’t with her. There were days we wouldn’t hang out but when we did it seemed like we kissed each other a lot. We didn’t see each other for about 3 days, when she got back we kissed and hugged. It was kinda weird but I think she was thinking the same thing about me. It was raining one day, we were at our exploring place when she took her shirt off, we went all the way. I was her first, I still remember that day. A few weeks later I had to go back to San Diego, school was going to start in a couple weeks. We had sex everyday till I went home. I remember how painful it was for her the last day we hung out, she cried all the time which made everything hard for us. I was sad too but being a guy, I didn’t want to look weak. We had each others addresses, we wrote to each other but never saw each other again. I remember the pain of not seeing her everyday, it was the worse feeling ever. When I went back to school my friends told me I looked different, I always had a look of deep thought and was never really in any conversation, I was just there like a zombie. Over time I got over her and dated some other girls but she was always on my mind. I wonder from time to time where she is, how shes doing or if she thinks of me. I haven’t found her on facebook or any other searches, I wonder sometimes if she is doing the same.”

It is really interesting to see comments regarding what people thinks when listening to songs and See you again for sure moves the mind a lot. ATB is fantastic at giving you an uplifting feeling for sure. ATB will always be loved by Muuuzic!



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